time to grow up, methinks


Time to grow up, methinks. I wanna claim that 24 is still wet behind the ears – in many ways that is very true of me – but observing what people arondme have achieved and the milestones they have passsed by the time they were my age is rendering that claim more baseless by the second. Damn these amazing ppl who have set the bar incredibly high for me. Then again… thank god for them – that I have someone to look up to and learn from. In a sense, my baby-of-the -family syndrome continues beyond my interaction with my family. Is that problematic? Fuck yes. It’s coupled, I believe, with a mild Asian deferall to my elders and ‘betters’. I need to learn that maturity is displayed not in loud arrogance nor in emotional outbursts posing as passion; rather, it shows itself most eloquently in poise, well thought-out response, and an economy of both words and emotion. Maturity means listening, reflecting, then acting in a purposeful manner. Clearly I have someone in mind…

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