the enemy of my enemy

Market liberals and environmentalists have something in common: they both oppose fossil fuel subsidies.


See, most people don’t realise that fossil fuels receive 6 times the government subsidies renewable energies receive. Which means the anti-renewables argument that government intervention (subsidy or otherwise) in support of renewables is “unfair” is nonsense. Energy subsidies do create an uneven playing field – in favour of fossil fuels.

Why should environmentalists oppose fossil fuel subsidies? Because fossil fuel subsidies support an industry that is literally killing life on earth.

Why should market liberals oppose fossil fuel subsidies? Because fossil fuel subsidies are a form of (costly!) government intervention that props up an industry that would otherwise not survive in a free market.

To add insult to injury, it looks like Canadian tax revenue will be used to subsidise Shell’s carbon capture and storage (CCS) project even as the oil company irrevocably destroys an area the size of England in northern Alberta. That’s right, Shell is annihilating – as in, getting rid of forever – a huge swath of land and contributing like crazy to carbon emissions in the process, and we, the Canadian people, are supposed to pay CAD $1.35 billion to greenwash it?

We’re being played for fools. There’s no reason why we should pay for Shell’s purported attempt at carbon emissions reductions while we simultaneously pay for its carbon emissions in the form of oil sands development. CCS is not the best way to reduce emissions anyway, and this is a transparent greenwashing ploy. Let’s not use public money to pay for it.


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