family adventure time

Germany’s glaring lack of PB is a favourite complaint of mine – I love the stuff. There is PB in the (nicer) supermarkets, sure, and even the 100% natural stuff in Al Natura and other organic/health food stores. But it’s neither cheap nor as ubiquitous as my Canadian upbringing demands… so I made my own. Roast some peanuts, blend with a bit of peanut oil.

Yesterday I had 2 slices of bread with PB and sweetened condensed milk for brek and another 3 PBJ’s for lunch. Gonna pack a couple of PB-condensed-milk sandwiches for the train tomorrow.

Right, so I’m heading to Prague! My parents have been in central Europe for over a week now and I’ll meet up with them and my sister for some fun family holidays. Can’t wait! The plan is Prague – Dresden – Berlin – we’ll arrive in Hamby next Wednesday and I’m not sure my basil plant will stay alive that long without my loving care, so I harvested most of the leaves and made a batch of pesto for the freezer.

I also made some delicious banana bread.

Bis August!

2 thoughts on “family adventure time

  1. I’m thinking of doing the same thing just because all the affordable jars of PB on the shelves seem to have all manner of crap in them with the peanuts. Thanks for giving me a nudge to just do it already.

    • So true. It’s nice to be able to control what we put into our bodies. I for one never understood why they put artificial colouring in cheddar cheese!

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