experimentation with reconstitution

It’s important that we share not only our successes but our failures with our friends, so that we can not only celebrate those successes together but also collectively learn from the failures. I’m not so much an amateur cook as an amateur food experimenter. That lends itself to many, many non-successes in the kitchen. Like yesterday’s.

Ingredients of this story:
– a pack of Dutch stroopwafels that had been in the freezer since Christmas.
– week-old homemade zucchini bread
– remains of a pack of frozen mixed berries from last summer

Inspired by banana bread crepe cake, my initial idea was to crumble up the stroopwafels and zucchini bread to make a wicked crepe/pancake. As soon as the batter hit the pan it became clear that they should’ve been pureed. What also became clear was that the syrup in the stroopwafels will melt and stick to the pan.

Reacting quickly to the unfortunate series of events unraveling before my eyes, I made the exec decision to… bake that batter into a cake. I know little about cakes, but recalled that the zucchini bread was made by adding ca. 100 mL of vegetable oil. The only thing in my kitchen even close to that is peanut oil, so in went some… a lot… too much.

It would’ve been okay had it not been for the excess oil. Alas, I almost never throw food away, even when it’s a loaf of peanut oil masquerading as cake/bread, so I manage to eat this by toasting it and washing it down with hot tea.

There are still four stroopwafels in the freezer to be experimented with; next time, I think it can serve as a crumble topping for something. Ooh, apple/pear crumble! Brilliant. Stay tuned!


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