Check it out! A manual grinder that clamps onto the table edge. This amazing tool belongs to Wolfgang, my friend Nicole’s boyfriend, and is something of a family heirloom. Tonight we employed its services to grind top-quality beef, beets, potatoes and pickles to make Labskaus, a traditional Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein dish. The delicious pink mush is served with a sunny-side-up egg, pickles, beets, and Rollmops (a pickle- and onion-filled herring roll). It was divine – the quality of the ingredients shone – and looked like this:

2 thoughts on “labskaus

  1. is the mush cooked? since u mixed beef with it n it’s so bright red, i’m unsure whether the beef was cooked or not. how does it taste? sweet, sour, salty. this dish seems so foreign to me! haha.

    • It’s cooked! The colour comes from the red beet that’s ground up together with the beef and potatoes. The main tone (can I say tone instead of flavour?) was savoury, from the beef. The beets and pickles in the mash adds a bit of layer to the flavours.

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