my apple tree

Over new year’s, two friends and I got to discussing our futures – both the expected ones and the ideal ones. The ideal futures were more fun to talk about and quickly overtook the conversation. The question we asked each other in turn went something like this:

If anything were possible, what would you choose your future* to look like?

*An undefined point or duration in the future, understood by us to mean a more or less stable equilibrium, understood by me to mean approximately 10 years from now.

One of my friends, Julia, wove an incredibly detailed tapestry of an answer. It included, among other things, an apple tree in the backyard, so we got to using the term ‘apple tree’ to mean ‘ideal situation in the future if anything were possible’.

Your apple tree depends on a gazillion factors, of course, not least on how far you take the “if anything were possible” condition of unconditionality. You might have multiple apple trees. The trick to answering this question is thus not to overthink it; you can always find a better apple tree if you think hard enough, in which case you can never give an answer.

My first apple tree that came to mind is a small log cabin (~100m2 for the sake of argument) in the woods and/or mountains. It’s fully outfitted with modern plumbing, heating, electricity and internet. There’s a fireplace in the living room, with a comfy, plaid-draped couch and armchair. Rugs in front of the fireplace, of course. I wanna say furs, but I have vegetarian friends whom I’d like to visit, so no furs! The house would be filled with stuff I made myself, possibly but not limited to DIY projects inspired by this blog. I wasn’t sure whether I’d want a dog or a cat or some other pet, but now I realise I’m not much of an animal person and would much prefer a human flatmate, haha. [Edit: scrap that, I need a cat. Because of this.] A vegetable garden grows beside the cabin, and there’s a veranda/deck/porch at the back, overlooking  the river and mountains. The look and feel I’m going for is rustic, cosy charm. There’s a decent road down into town, and civilisation is a quick drive or comfortable walk away. [Edit: ANY ONE OF THESE WILL DO.]

I have money and savings enough to sustain a comfortable lifestyle. I have a job in town, doing something I find meaningful and engaging. My family and friends all live at most a short flight away. I regularly have them over for fika and other get-togethers.

What’s your apple tree like?

7 thoughts on “my apple tree

  1. country girl ey? i know what you mean.
    mine’s being a successful tax legislator, making the tax system better and more understandable for the masses. i’d be good enough at what i do to be able to introduce good bills and hopefully enough supporters (and opponents! they’re important too). i’d probably like to live near the beaches like coogee or bondi in australia, so i can go for walks in the morning or just chill on the weekends. i would have travelled a lot by then and got enough experience so satisfy my want to go travelling. i would have lots of cats. i’d be financially well enough to be able to afford trips to visit friends all over the world. i would’ve satisfied my entrepreneurial itch by running a small start up selling paletas or something random and novel that australia doesn’t have yet. i’d know enough interesting people to never have to have a boring conversation again.

    • “i’d know enough interesting people to never have to have a boring conversation again.” – good one! Making the tax system more understandable to the masses would be most appreciated :D

  2. I would be a curator at a museum. The museum doesn’t have to be big, but I need to have space for creativity and not loaded down by paperwork and bureaucracy. I would have children and pets. Hopefully I’ve settled down by then, but I would also travel with my family when I do field work. I hope to live in a house with a kitchen that has an island and two ovens if possible.

  3. If you’ll take care of the bugs, I’ll be your flatmate!

    First time back to this blog after the end of your bike experiment… wow. Should’ve rediscovered this sooner! My apple tree is a small guesthouse or B&B in an attractive town or out in the country. Every room would be decorated with a different colour scheme and there would be a vegetable garden and laying hens and bike rentals… Maybe your cabin and my guesthouse can share a plot of land? Or better yet, want to partner up? :D

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