front row tix to the biggest show on earth

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the world is like a sinking ship right now. Appalled and frightened though I am, I also find it enormously entertaining. It’s like watching the slow collapse of a burning building: destructive but riveting. Too bad for all the people trapped inside, of course…

Nicolas Sarkozy tells David Cameron: shut up over the euro – More people should tell David Cameron to shut up over more things. The UK House of Commons vote result over a referendum tomorrow is going to be extremely interesting. The result of the EU summits on Wednesday, which will decide the details of the euro/Greece bail-out plan, as well, of course.

St. Paul’s may seek injunction to move Occupy London activists – Did you know that an Adult entrance ticket to St. Paul’s costs £14.50? That’s US $23! Upkeep or no upkeep, that smells like highway robbery. The idea that a cathedral earns £20 000 daily in revenue is repulsive but is at least a great reminder to the world that the Church is a business. The closure of the cathedral was the cathedral dean’s own decision and, though I’m not an expert, seems hardly a necessity, and sucks for both PR and revenue – I honestly can’t imagine what message they’re trying to send, except perhaps that they don’t sympathise with the Occupiers. But given that they have publicly stated that they do, so it seems like a double loss situation. Mad props to the tent dwellers!

Palestinian bid to join UNESCO could imperil US funds – Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Support Palestine as an independent nation-state though it does, would the majority of the 193 member states of UNESCO actually vote for Palestinian full membership given that the US threat of withdrawal of $70 million is very credible? Surely they’re not that self-destructive… again, it will be very interesting to see how it plays out.

It’s not all bad, though:

Far-right party ‘loses ground’ in Swiss poll – They’re the ones who banned minarets.

Obama: Full Iraq withdrawal by Christmas – WOW!


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