a little slice of canada

My last day at my internship is coming up soon (sob), and ever since my birthday when I brought in chocolate raspberry torte and carrot cake, I’ve been wondering what super freakin awesome thing I can bring in to work next. Lemon bars (but taller, so that it looks like a cake) and good ol’ fudgy brownies were on my shortlist, since the lemon bars/cake/thing were very popular with the classmates last winter, and who doesn’t like brownies? Plus, even though I really wanted to make blueberry scones because they’re delicious, day-old scones need to be toasted and that wouldn’t have flown at work.

Cue the latest post on smittenkitchen.com (aka food blog from heaven). Roasted tomato soup with broiled grilled cheese. What does this have to do with cakes, you ask? Well, it uses cheddar. Cheddar is hard to find in Hamburg. It’s so quintessentially Canadian (ok, and American) and I miss it as much as peanut butter! But that got me to thinking, why don’t I make something quintessentially Canadian? Last time a colleague asked if the carrot cake was typically Canadian, and I had to refrain from revealing that it was a Swedish recipe…

It’s nearly October (omg – but that’s a story for another entry). It’s autumn. It’s almost (German and Canadian) Thanksgiving.


GENIUS, RIGHT??? I made it last year for the Thanksgiving potluck and, except for the underdone crust, it was a hit :D I’ll just remember to make it really super thin and blind-bake this time.

They will, of course, ask me many questions about Canadian history and customs but I will deflect them with offers of seconds. The only problem is, there are 12 of us in the office, which is too many for 1 pie but too few for 2. So either I make two pies (logistically this sucks, no way to transport) OR I make a second item. Now, what else is insanely North American?



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