changing sense of humour

My sense of humour really has changed. Peep Show still makes me want to shrivel up and die of awkwardness but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the show. Louis CK would’ve offended me terribly three years ago but now I can’t get enough of his stand-up.

And let’s talk about the very talented Stephen Colbert for a sec. I just watched Jon Stewart’s acceptance speech for the Emmys 2011 and appreciate how rare it is for a winner to overtly name one fellow nominee and praise them for such a long time. While I enjoy The Daily Show more than The Colbert Report, not only is Stephen Colbert the better actor, the Report has broken the fourth wall with the Super Pac and the Iowa “Rick Parry with an A” ads. That is breaking new ground, with the unfamiliar and almost uncomfortable blending of the TV world and the real world. Which goes to show how farcical our real world really is.

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