so much interestingness i wanna talk about

But, as usual, am too lazy to make a real blog out of it.

Riots in London & vicinity are calling to mind the G20 crap from last summer in Toronto. After watching Toronto G20 Exposed I view police force in a new light. I see riots differently, mainly by keeping a critical eye on the media and remembering that every media story tries to tell a story, and that story is always backed by special interests. All information is equal, but some information is more equal than others – let’s put it that way.

Good day at work started with a nice 10-min chat with a colleague about her weekend. Then was put in the loop about an upcoming project by my supervisor. Last week I got the feeling that she was unhappy with my work, and that made me unhappy all weekend, but it seemed better today.

Feierabend has a whole new meaning when you’re actually working 9-5 (9-6 in my case). It’s the German word for ‘after work’ – your colleagues will wish you ‘schön feierabend’ at the end of the day. And it makes so much sense – evenings are something earned and precious after a day at work, and are an opportunity to wind down. It’s a perfect reason to spend less time in the evening at ‘home’, which offers no good conversation or company. Instead I can meet up with friends and chill. Lurve it.

A bicycle may be within reach. Best case scenario: awesome bike that fits me well and I buy it. Lol.

Trip planning is my vocation. I just got back from Sweden and I’m already planning a weekend trip to the Harz mountains with a Spanish guy I met on CS. Trip planning is (stressful but) so much fun that I had to really restrain myself from planning Nic’s potential visit to Europe for her. That would just be rude. But it was sooo tempting…


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