I have a few things to confess today. You’re welcome to think me a worse person after reading, but do leave a comment if you have time to explain why.

1. I think some good can come out of the slaughters in Oslo and on Utøya. Hopefully it will generate discussion and debate on right wing extremism, xenophobia, anti-immigrant sentiment, THE ROLE OF THE MEDIA in creating and sustaining dangerous stereotypes, the need for more journalistic integrity, Muslims, Christians and terrorism. The silver lining is actually that these discussions will lead to a widespread social rejection of the populist right and reverse the current frightening movement rightward, especially in Europe.

2. I want the global economy to crash and burn. Capitalism does not make the world a better place, and it needs to go, or at least be altered. With the debt crises in the US and Eurozone, we are already starting to witness the inevitable collapse of the global capitalist economy. The frontpage headline on Al Jazeera today is: "Stocks collapse on global slowdown fears". My question is: "So what?" We place far too much importance on financial markets. The economy is not an end in itself, and economic growth should not be the goal of a country. Hopefully current economic woes will help people understand that.

3. Gay pride parades scare me and I’ve never been to one. On the one hand I see the need to trouble the heteronormativity of public space, which is why I support them loudly from the comfort of my home, but on the other it’s a shame that sexual orientation and identity *need* to be politicised and paraded for a greater good. I suppose, however, that all minorities face the pressure to oversimplify and commodify their culture and identity in order to gain public support, and thus, political victory. In addition, pride parades are political not only between marcher and spectator, but also within the marchers themselves; the idea that all non-heteros can march under one unified umbrella is absurd. But such marchng does wonders for publicising the fight for equal rights, so this is me being a slacktivist.

4. Work-related social media is turning me off my own Facebook (because a more lighthearted confession was called for). Sharing links, tweeting and updating statuses has literally become a job now. Hur-freaking-rah. Maybe this will free up some time, energy and material for blogging.

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