quick round-up

Had a week-long vacation in Sweden. That’s right, it wasn’t a trip, it was a bloody vacation (stay tuned for more on that – I’ve already written it, just need to type it out). It was glorious to be back. And I’m really tanned now.

Started working full-time now. There’s less pressure in terms of deadlines (quantity) but more pressure due to higher expectations for creativity and impact (quality). Translating a press release is child’s play compared to developing social media strategies for the organisation. I’m also having mad issues with socialising at work… def more on that in the next days and weeks.

The Daily Show: can’t stand Jon Stewart’s ‘support the troops’ fanaticism. The entire notion of ‘brave men and women’ who ‘risk their lives’ and ‘sacrifice’ to ‘protect freedom/their country’ – all those overused phrases fabricate the elaborate and very solid lie that you can resent war but support soldiers. Love the sinner, hate the sin? As some astute viewers on TDS’s comments section said, these soldiers voluntarily enlist to kill people they don’t know. I used to cut soldiers some slack for financial reasons (the military pays well; poor people are stuck between a rock and a hard place but decide to go for the income) but ethics has broken that argument down. There’s nothing noble, brave or laudable in killing other human beings – least of all when it’s for reasons you don’t know, understand or agree with. Jon Stewart is sometimes the lone voice of sanity but I really can’t stand his stance on war.

I cancelled my health insurance with my previous company, but still got charged this month. What gives?! On a similar vein of blasting bureaucracy and customer-unfriendly business, my bank has no branches open past 18.00. How do working people bank?

Uhh.. yeah, this weekend should be pretty busy, hopefully hanging out with friends.

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