shelling out

Would I ever shell out for a sweet ride? In the last three years I’ve only bought used bikes in various stages of retirement. Things squeaked, rusted, clunked. Bits almost fell off once while I was going over a bridge. But I wouldn’t have it any other way, which is why I was elated to inherit this most recent piece of junk from the bike basement, thinking I could fix it up into something rideable, if not glorious.

Recently it occurred to me that even if I won the lottery I probably wouldn’t buy a new bike. I dunno, even with a steady income I’m not sure how much I’d spend on a nice bike. It depends on the usage potential, of course: I don’t need to bike in Hamburg – it in fact takes exactly the same time to get from home to Uni on bike as with the train. But perhaps if I was in a small town like Kingston or Uppsala I’d be more keen.

But a good ride allows for medium- to long-distance trips…


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