careers are a 20th century invention

If "careers are a 20th century invention" (Into the Wild), they are a 21st century obsolescence. The booming ’60s are no more: the world economy is in the dumps and will stay that way for at least the next decade, if not permanently becoming garbage due to our reckless and unsustainable economic systems. The ’90s saw welfare reforms and this is phase two of deep welfare cuts that really cut to the bone. Youth unemployment in Spain is at 40%, seemingly reflecting desperate times for youth all over the world. For my generation – the 20-somethings of today – the future looks bleak and without much hope, job-wise. Stable jobs and building careers by climbing the company ladder are such alien concepts to me. Almost everyone I talk to searches for employment (I mean that in the loosest sense of the word – including unpaid internships) lasting as little as 3 months. More and more people I talk to want to self-employ and kickstart their own ideas. When times are tough, you learn to be flexible and mobile. The concept of a ‘career’ is, in most cases, all but over.


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