financial records

You probably have an inkling that I am pretty sensitive when it comes to spending money. It might be because my parents were also quite sensitive to money when I was a kid. But if that had any effect it was subconsciously because I was still spoiled rotten and wanted for nothing.

Fast forward to university: I started to manage my own finances for the first time. That is not to say I was self-sufficient. But the fact that I was absolutely dependent on my parents for financial support meant that I tried to be careful with their money. Accounts have two sides: credit and debit, and since there was no credit on my part I tried to slow down the debit.

In 2nd year I started to record my daily expenditure in a spreadsheet. Currently, for every day of the month I write down what I spend money on and how much it costs. The fun part is, of course, data analysis :) We can look for all sorts of cool correlations, eg. between coffee expenditure and temperature:

This is just the beginning of a ton of analysis I plan on doing. I’m super excited about what fun insights I might find – do I spend more on Mondays, Wednesdays or Saturdays? Does total expenditure drop if I spend more on groceries, given that groceries (relatively cheap) and eating out (relatively expensive) are substitutes?

What about you: Do you keep track of your expenditures? What kind of patterns or correlations have you observed from your own experiences, or would expect, or are interested in finding out?

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