forgot to try to not be annoying

Do you have to try hard not to come off as annoying sometimes? I’m generally quite decent to people, but once in a while my ego inflates so much it’s visible. I’ll be the first to admit I have a pretty high opinion of myself, but the inferiority complex thing usually keeps it in check. But sometimes it’ll slip out and I’ll casually flaunt stuff in people’s faces. And I hate myself for it because I know it doesn’t impress them and only serves to make me look like a tool.

I find it very difficult to compartmentalise my life. I want people in one part of my life to also know about the others, but except for the very few exceptions most people care about you in relation to them, not you “in general”.

Anyway, my big ego is starting to annoy myself and no doubt people around me who have to put up with it. I love this internship so much but it’s fucking going to my head…


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