life is good to me

Anything is possible.

Just had a nice longish chat with Robyn, who just got a 6-month job with the Public Affairs branch of the EU (or similar). She said there are no jobs in the UK – sounds like Canada. I mentioned that I want to defer my fourth semester to do an internship/job, and she suggested Goethe or what she’s doing (didn’t catch the exact name). I want to stay in Germany, mainly for linguistic reasons. But yeah, anything is possible! The future is… open, if not bright. I hope to be in Europe until autumn 2013, at the very least.

This is my land and time of opportunity. There’s nothing for me back in Canada except unemployment and the establishment…

PS. The title of my last post (‘life is political’) was a response to a few friends of mine who have been complaining that I post far too many political things on Facebook: “Facebook is for sharing happy thoughts not politics (everyday!)” They may have a point. But in my defence, life is political, and it’s very hard to separate the two.


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