beschäftigt – busy

Listening to my professor – whose English is passable, at best – try to explain the concept of a log function to a class of decidedly non-math-inclined students was equal parts excruciating and hilarious. I was gonna rip into his contradictory remarks (first mover advantage vs. greater cultural differences; demand-driven immigration vs. ‘Greeks will start emigrating by next year’), but then I did my presentation and would rather give him mad props for being able to lecture for an hour in this heat, standing up, wearing long-sleeves. I could barely utter a coherent sentence (actually my presentation was probably incoherent).

There’s a new intern whose German is worse than mine. You know what that means? It means we speak English at lunch now. Hurrah! I am not-so-secretly pleased. I embrace and welcome the challenge and opportunity of learning and practising German, but it was just… so hard to be social in a language I sucked at.

Work is crazy, but I prefer it at this pace. Having pressing short-term tasks allows me to put off long-term development… though I’m sure a good worker can juggle both at the same time. I’m just an amateur.

Things are crazy up till next Tuesday, after which I can relax and start studying for exams. Wait, what?

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