a wake-up call

Today was one of those cool, windy, cloud-covered days so reminiscent of Vancouver. I read a moving paper titled ‘When Denial Has To End‘, written by the founder of the charity I intern at. It was short, just 7 pages, and easy to read, about how we’ve been turning a blind eye to the environmental consequences of our actions for decades despite numerous wake-up calls, and now the challenge is to move from a global non-community of competitive individualism and materialism to a global community of sharing within natural boundaries (aka this planet). Lol and I remember much more from it cos I wrote the blurb that went on the homepage and tried so hard to get the wording right…

It was very real and moving and inspiring, which uncoincidentally also sums up this entire organisation. Things to look into:

  • feed-in tariffs
  • special drawing rights of the IMF: how to create new money to fund transition to renewable energies without creating inflation

The overarching message I’m getting is that existing funds and existing institutions just won’t do any more because they were created in and for a world of non-satiation and unlimited growth. We cannot rely on the existing politics-soaked money and business-as-usual institutions to carry us into a new era of sustainable existence.

And while I instinctively try to compartmentalise my intern life from the rest of my life, perhaps this time it doesn’t have to be. For example, Professor Straubhaar, who teaches me 5 hours/week, is involved somehow in talks with us about funding, and his name came up at lunch today – apparently he was in a radio interview. And somewhere on the website – or maybe in the paper – the exact words ‘individual and collective decision-making’ came up, which is exactly what my study program describes as its academic focus. What I’m trying to say is that I believe so strongly in what this place does that perhaps I don’t need to separate the two lives. Why can’t my academic interests align with work interests align with personal interests?

This weekend is the Phil&Econ block seminar, and I am screwed. Have done NO work for it, and I’m supposed to give a 30 min presentation/lecture plus lead a 20min discussion. DEAD.


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