saddle: check

the workshop

I finally found the will and motivation(in canto, dik hei sum gon) to get the keys to the Fahrrad AG – bike workshop – in the basement. To be honest, it was pretty daunting: a toolboard with only half the tools you might need, buckets full of unidentified objects – albeit somewhat sorted, and, en lieu of a workstand, a pulley system that dangled a few ropes and hooks from the ceiling.


a selection of saddles

I know so little about bikes that the only thing I could do was to put in a seat post and saddle. Functionally speaking they’re not the most important part, but I had trouble with everything else. There seems to be a correlation between how important a part is and how difficult it is to fix, methinks, just like a computer: changing the background of your desktop is easy, but hardly necessary to the functioning of the computer.


After installing a saddle, I tried to do a few other things, but couldn’t even figure out how to put air into the tires. Ah well. The fact that something was done makes me like I was rather productive today.


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