us and israel

Obama wants pre-1967 borders, if I read this correctly. Israel (obviously) says this is unacceptable.

This is very hopeful though. I feel like if the US is on board, things can happen. Obama’s treatment of Israel is definitely an improvement from Bush’s unconditional lurve and support.

There is hope yet!

Meeting today with the Board of Advisors… turned out to be a rather small affair (13 people, 9 of whom were our office staff!) but enjoyable. We were invited to the home of one of members of the BoA, in the most affluent part of Hamburg – a beautiful interior with windows galore and high ceilings. The first coffee break consisted of a strawberry torte and delicious, still-warm apple cake… then another break… then champagne… then dinner. I MEAN. And yeah ok, it didn’t end till 9pm, but it was kinda worth the (sometimes boring) meeting-talk to be able to meet and talk to the man himself, Jakob von Uexkull, the founder of the charity. I was kinda star-struck, actually…

My supervisor gave an amazing presentation about her field – media and communications. It was downright inspiring, actually! She was the only one to get applause, while all other speakers got the typical German equivalent of applause: knuckle-rapping the table top.

Positioned in the same room in the office with her and another colleague, and being the youngest and newest and least experienced and least able to speak German, I always feel like the – well, youngest child. Nesthäkchen. And it makes me wonder: do I act/feel/expect to be a nesthäkchen in my workplace and my study program because I’m ACTUALLY the nesthäkchen at home?

In other words, do I have a ‘youngest child’ syndrome?? Is the eldest child usually the most successful, because they’re used to responsibility and leadership and taking care of others? I don’t have an inferiority complex per se, but I do always think that others around me probably know better. Then again, EVERYONE around me is older than me, so perhaps it’s age profiling: linking age to experience and wisdom.

I’m only 22, after all.

Then again, I’m 22!


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